Passion for Zurich - Zürich Stadtführung: Individuell
In order that strangers become friends

Our main business idea is to take care of single individuals and small groups and their wishes and interests in a foreign city. Catherine Noëlle Meystre is the initiator and owner of this service, that is unique for Zurich..

Since ever she has been interested in the "little big city", from history to art, from design to city life, from politics to … She cares for her clients with passion and feeling for attractive subjects, culture and contexts. Unforgettable are visits with her at the opera or at design studios and walks to unknown corners.

The staff of passion for zurich is highly communicative and has best manners. It is competent, open minded, trustworthy, flexible, discreet, charming, and speaks 4 languages.

Our aim is that strangers become enthousiastic friends